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The Players

Philipp Waibel:

Accoustic- and E-guitars, bass and Vocals


Nirvana (Kurt Cobain), American Grunge, Underground-, alternative Punk-Rock – that’s where I get my ideas and inspirations for my music from. I’ve been playing that kind of music with great passion   for several years now and that’s also where I got the ideas for my own lyrics. I used to be the lead-guitarist for some Grunge- and Punk rock bands. When I first listened to the recordings of some Irish-American Folk-Punk-music I thought: ‘Wow, this music is a lot more “hip” than I thought it would be!’

‘Daione’ is a wonderful musical project: Karola’s soft voice and Eckhard’s Uillean-pipes always remind me of ‘Braveheart’ plus Barry’s Celtic-Rock Drums and Martin’s wonderful melodic mandolin and guitar playing made we want to play this style of music with Daione.

Philipp Waibel