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Barry Lyons

Barry Lyons:

Acoustic & E Drums, Bodhran, Percussion and vocals:


‘P’ stands for “Paddy”, that’s me! The only Irish man in this outfit, that I created from a wish to play Celtic music in my local pub in Germany on St. Patricks night!

An Irish man who hails from Dublin, I moved to Germany some years ago & got involved in the local music scene as the drummer with the band Virus.

Through Virus  I got to know Martin very well & I found out that he is a “want to be” Irish man! He always expressed his wish to play Irish music so when I suggested that we put a band together to play Celtic music for Paddy’s night at my local Pub he jumped at the chance. We soon enrolled Eckard, then Karola & then Philipp for rhythm guitar. Through my “extensive” :-) knowledge of the Irish language I came up with the name, the rest of the band liked it, and so Daione was born!


We hope that you enjoy your journey through the Celtic lands of Europe with us, through our music!



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