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Celtic Music

The Bands name also has traditional origins as it’s  name is derived from the traditional Celtic Irish Gaelic Language. The word for “People” in Irish is “Daoine” pronounced in English spelling as “Deen”. Because our band features people from multi-cultures, specifically Germany, we found that the pronunciation for the word in the German language did not sound so well. We then re-arranged the spelling of the word “Daoine” to “Daione” & this now fits as a pronounceable word in both the English & German languages. We will leave the traditional word spellings & meanings to the language purists!


Our desire is to write & to play music by people, for people!


Welcome to Daione!


You can also follow more of our music at:



Daione are a group of musicians who share a mutual love of Celtic music & who have come together to play & write music both for pleasure & to perform to those who have similar interests. We play a variety of Celtic tunes from all over Europe and we use a multitude of traditional and modern instruments to create sounds for both the old & the modern styles of Celtic tunes. We enjoy fusing Celtic music with more modern rock music, and mixing in music from other ethnic cultures to give that distinctive Daione sound!

Daione at Fence