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Martin J. Waibel


Martin J. Waibel

Acoustic Guitar, E-Guitar, Bass, Bouzoukis, Mandolin, Bass & Vocals.

Martinís musical career began in the '70s, when the Irish Folk music influence spilled over into Germany. He & a group of like minded musicians started a new band called "Irish Mood", but they very quickly changed the direction to the German-folk music sound and renamed the band "rabble". They then had four very successful years playing the major German folk festivals. Martin was then involved in some folk-rock and theatre projects but unfortunately his love for music then had to be put aside for some time while he pursued his professional career.

More recently he has been playing with the groups "virus" and "Bini Zuchini" where the Celtic music influences can also be heard.

Martin feels that playing with Daione is now bringing him back along a lengthy musical journey in time, with his memories of his visit to Ireland in the 70ís & to where the roots of his Celtic music influences were founded.




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