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Eckard Lehmann

Eckard Lehmann:

Uillean Pipes, Whistles, Bass, backing vocals


I used to play with ‘a band called Oaktree’ and I’m a founding member of the band ‘Blue-Stone’ with which I played with for nine years.

While staying in the USA for three years I played with the Folk-Punk-Band ‘The Ruffians’ and we played concerts in Greater New York, Long Island and Connecticut.

In the past years I have taken part in many different music sessions and as a result I was invited as a soloist player to the Danbury Irish Folk Festival.

Since my return to  Germany I’ve been playing in some sessions, e.g. at the Slainte Irish Pub in Ravensburg.

The very special thing for me when playing music with Daione is playing traditional Folk mixed with Rock and Punk music.

The Players

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